About Us

For the artist or the would-be artist there are few things more enjoyable than being in beautiful countryside, or beside the sea, with a paintbrush in your hand, capturing the scene set out before you. The challenges are never-ending and the rewards limitless, and after a day painting, nothing is nicer than returning to comfortable surroundings to spend an agreeable evening in good company and to share your day’s experiences.

Our holidays are specifically designed for those people who wish to enjoy the sheer pleasure of painting without other distractions. We believe that the focus of a painting holiday should be as much painting as possible for everyone, combined with a high quality of downtime, and we choose our locations accordingly.

Our philosophy is that a group of mixed abilities provides the most enjoyable experience for everyone.

We cater for the keen artist wishing to develop and improve their skills, as well as the beginner and improver relatively new to painting. The experienced artist seeking a fresh approach or a different experience will not feel out of place either. The tutor will divide his or her time equally among the whole group, providing all the help and guidance required whatever the level of ability.

For the non-painting partner, there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful surroundings whilst you partner paints.